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Auctria changes

Auctria Walkthroughs


Welcome to the Auctria Walkthroughs section! This information will help guide you through many of the key setup screens and options your Organization may want for their event.


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Live Auction Ordering


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Tickets (for admission)

Tickets items in Auctria are specially configured For Sale Items that have an admission quantity set and will be used either for admission to an (in-person) event or, optionally, as a means to restrict bidding in the auction catalogs.


Tickets items sold through the Auction Website (or manually using the Sell Tickets dashboard function) will trigger the full Bidder Registration/Checkout process and create a bidder record for the purchaser as part of that process.

Auctria can track your ticket sales and provide E-Tickets to guests. This will allow them, for example, to pre-register Credit Cards and update their contact information before the event.


Tickets are tied directly to Bidders and Bidder Record creation. Tickets should be used for event admission and similar requirements only.

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Catalog Style


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One of the most commonly edited pieces of the Item Catalog will be its Item Card and the configuration used as this affects all of the Item Cards being displayed in the Item Catalog.

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Batch Image Upload

The Batch Image Upload process allows you to upload multiple images at once; and, have the system automatically assign them to different items.

Each image must be mapped to a single item. If, for example, you have a folder of images named 1, 2, 3, etc., the system can upload these images in the folder and assign them to their respective items numbered 1, 2, 3, and so on.

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Other Payments

When using the Auction Dashboard Checkout functions to record payments for winning bids, purchases, or donations, you also have the option to record these payments using the "other" tab.

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How To Change A Purchaser To A Guest Of...

There may be cases, especially when you Sell Sponsorship Tickets, where the purchaser of a ticket package may not be able to attend or may have accidentally purchased a ticket for themselves when they meant to purchase tickets only for their guests.

This can be changed via the Create new bidder & assign ticket option.


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How To Add Event Tickets To Your Website

The Auctria platform uses a dedicated Tickets item for admissions to the "in-person" event being held by the organization and as a bidding restriction option. The Tickets items themselves are specially configured For Sale Items -- essentially the Admission Tickets Included value has been set.

To add Tickets to your auction website for your event: you will need to create Tickets items; and, choose a method to display those Tickets.

  1. Create Tickets
  2. Display Tickets

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[video] Shipping and Fulfillment

To access the Shipping options for the event, from the main Auction Dashboard go to Items and then click on the Shipping button in the Actions sidebar menu.

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Key Topic: Donations

The auction website can allow for Cash Donations pledged to the event as a means to start things off or capture donations after the event.

There is also the opportunity to Solicit Items from donors potentially increasing the items and ideas the organization can offer to their guests.

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