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Auctria changes

Donor Records & Maintenance

Donor Maintenance

The Donor Maintenance dashboard provides for the option to check for Duplicate Donors and will provide an interface to merge these donors if their matching conditions are met.

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Text-2-buy command added

Your guests will be able to use the buy command to purchase a For Sale Items type items by sending a buy command to the texting number for the event.

If they texted buy 101 they would purchase item# 101. If they texted buy mulligan they would purchase the mulligan For Sale item. Of course, the item number must exist and be a For Sale item for this to function as expected.

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Utilizing a Pricing Policy

You can apply a Pricing Policy to set the Starting Bid, Minimum Bid Increment and "Buy It Now" values for your auction items. These are the prices set in the item's Bidding Rules section and are applied to Biddable Items only.

The Item Pricing page lets you set the following as a percentage of the item Value:

  • Set the starting bid as a % of the item's value;
  • Set the bid increment as a % of the item's value; and,
  • Set the buy-it-now price as a % of the item's value.

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Sponsorship Catalog, card updates

Sponsorship Card

Clicking on a Sponsor section title will provide access to the Sponsorship Card element for the Sponsor Catalog.

The Sponsorship Card provides for the additional relative styling for the Sponsor Catalog element.

Scale based on level adjusts the "tier" titles to be relatively sized compared to the other titles. Add Style provides access to the Advanced Styling options. Reset Element will revert all changes to this element and set it to its initial default settings.

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Sponsorship Tickets

If you are selling Sponsorships to your event from the Auction Dashboard and, for example, your "sponsor" does not plan to actually attend the event but wants to give the tickets they are purchasing to their friends and family instead -- you can do this with Auctria!

  • The Purchasing Sponsor Is Not Attending The Event
  • Re-Assign The Purchaser Ticket

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Corporate Ticket Sales

There may be cases where you are selling ticket packages, especially as sponsorships, where the purchaser will not be using a ticket for themselves. This type of scenario is more commonly seen with "corporate" purchases (where a company representative pays for the tickets) although the purchaser themself might not attend the event.

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Sales Tax

You can collect Sales Tax on the items you sell and generate reports showing the amount collected.

The following options are available when working with Sales Tax:

Track up to 3 separate Sales Taxes per "category". Add Sales Taxes on top of bid amounts (Exclusive mode); or, calculate and include it as part of the overall bid amount (Inclusive mode). See Sales Tax Mode for more information on this. Limit the Sales Taxes calculation to the item's value rather than the total bid. Apply Sales Tax to the item's value even if the bidder bids more. Assign different items to different Sales Tax "categories". Mark bidders as being "tax exempt".

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Item Types

Items have many fields available, but in general, if you don't know what something does you can leave it set to the default and then follow up later by reviewing the items specific details. See Item Details Summary for more information on the various item types and their respective fields.

You can define and/or edit an item price, its description, and other details including categories which can be used to organize items.

item types.png

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How To Add A QR Code For Any Page

Although Auctria does not currently provide for a generic QR Code generator you can use most any site to generate one you can use with Auctria -- or point to your Auctria auction website.

An example of a free QR code generator website can be found at QR Code Generator -- looking with your favorite search engine will also provide you with many additional results to choose from.

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