Still Time to Set-up for Giving Tuesday

As a current Auctria customer, your charity can efficiently capitalize on this day of giving. Get set-up now, and be ready for Giving Tuesday spotlight to brighten your charity. Your own past supporters are the most likely to give future donations.

Sill time get set up for GIving Tuesday

[video] GivingTuesday website

Out-of-the-box or with a few adjustments, Giving Tuesday donation page is EASY with Auctria.

Here are a few examples that are outstanding. Most simply changed the background image, added a logo and modified the colors to match their branding.

Here are the instructions to get your charity's #GivingTuesday donation page up and running in mere minutes.


Offer 'pay later' as an online checkout option Allow bidders to add the amount owing to their account during online checkout.

View All the Online Payment Options

How to Upgrade you Auctria License

You can upgrade anytime from the Auction Dashboard by clicking on Organization and then click on License. This will take you to the License Dashboard. Quick how-to instructions

Virtual Paddle Raise

Allabout virtual paddle raises:

  • Set up donation levels
  • Displaying the paddle raise
  • Using with Live Auction Controller
  • Add a thermometer
  • Recording during an in-person event

Read up here on Virtual Paddle Raise

Setting Donation Levels or Increments

UPDATED: Setting The Donation Levels To set the values for the Donation Levels edit the appropriate field to add the value(s) you want to work with. These values are added as a common-separated list of numbers only (do not use currency symbols) with the optional * added as needed.

How to Set Donation Levels or Increments

Welcome Auction Team Organizers

Welcome Auction Team Organizers- these User Guide pages are JUST FOR YOU!

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Customizing Giving Tuesday (updated)

During the Create Event process for Giving Tuesday a default event website is created to provide the essentials for most organizations.

  • Customize Header Section
  • Header Banner Image
  • Header Menu
  • Customize Countdown Element
  • Customize Donation Element
  • Customize Thermometer Element
  • Customize Thank You Message Section
  • Customize Footer Section

Read all the details here

Donation Element on Website

The Donation Element element lets us create things like a "Donation In Lieu of Attending" page without requiring you to create Donation Items in the event.

learn how to add a Donation Element

Add a cash Donation

Dashboard Tips: Search & Help

Dashboard Tips: Search & Help