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Auctria changes

How To Add A QR Code For Any Page

Although Auctria does not currently provide for a generic QR Code generator you can use most any site to generate one you can use with Auctria -- or point to your Auctria auction website.

An example of a free QR code generator website can be found at QR Code Generator -- looking with your favorite search engine will also provide you with many additional results to choose from.

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How To Add Event Tickets To Your Website

The Auctria platform uses a dedicated Tickets item for such things as admission to the event being held by the Organization and/or as a "gate-keeping" measure for bidding. The Tickets items themselves are specially configured For Sale Items -- essentially the Admission Tickets Included value has been set.

To add Tickets to your auction website for your event you will need to have created Tickets items and chosen a method to display the Tickets that are available.

  • Create Tickets
  • Required To Bid Option
  • Display Tickets

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Taxable Value

If you are a registered charity, bidders may be eligible to claim a tax deduction for their "donations". The Bidder Statements can be configured to show a Tax Deductible column for each item.

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Sponsorships in Auctria are best handled as an item bidders can purchase. In many cases, Sponsorships are also configured as Tickets since they will generally include a number of admissions to the event, especially with "in-person" event or events where the number of participants are limited.

  • Sponsorships As Tickets
  • Sponsorships As For Sale Items
  • Limiting Sponsorships

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Bidder Access Tokens

A Bidder Access Token is a link sent by email (or text… or both) that allows the bidder to access the auction website and place bids without having to sign in (or even set up a password).

Using Bidder Access Tokens can make getting your bidders online much smoother.

Bidder Access Tokens can be sent in bulk via the Bidders dashboard from the sidebar section for Communication and the Online Access action.

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Bidder Online Access Actions

The Bidder Online Access dashboard manages how Bidder Access Tokens are sent to bidders. These access tokens will be sent by default via email and, if the Text Messages functions are enabled for your subscription plan, the access token will also be sent by SMS text.

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Configure Items Displayed in Catalog


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The Item Catalog element can be customized to specifically Configure The Items Displayed using conditions to include or exclude items.

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How To Add Raffle Tickets





Raffle Tickets are best created as For Sale Items, where you can set a number of tickets to be available and the price of each ticket would be set as the For Sale item Value.

The Auctria platform has no means to generate a random number or select a random winning Raffle Ticket. Auctria only provides a means to sell lots that represent the Raffle Tickets being provided to event participants.

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Donor Donations vs Bidder Donations





Donor Donations & Sponsorships

Donor Donations are used for recording donations you receive from Donors in support of an event and these donations are not items you will be including in the auction.

Examples of Donor Donations:

  • cash donations in lieu of donating items or attending the in-person event;
  • sponsorships, often as advertising space in printed or online publications; and,
  • "in-kind" donations, such as goods and/or services provided (catering, printing services, volunteer swag, etc.) by the Donors in return for recognition through the event.

Donor Donations vs Bidder Donations

When dealing with cash donations there is an overlap between recording a Bidder donation or a Donor donation. There is no single right answer to which way a donation should be recorded, although here are some guidelines that may help.

In general, a Donation should be considered a Donor Donation if:

  • the donation is made and paid for prior to the event and it is in lieu of donating an item for the auction to be available for bidding on at or through the event;
  • the Donor is not going to be a Bidder participant at the event;
  • you do not need to track the commitment to the donation separately from the payment,

with a Donor Donation, you simply record the donation when it is actually made.

  • with a Bidder Donation, you need to record both the donation and the payment.
  • it is a donation of goods or services; or, you want to acknowledge the donation on the auction website.


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Catalog Card Styles

Item catalog and card styles have been refreshed.

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