Auctria changes
Auctria changes

Website Element Visibility

The Website Element Visibility conditions set specific criteria based on bidder statuses and event configuration options.

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What Are Item Values?

What Is "Value" Used For?

This is the Value of the item that could be displayed publicly.

Fun tip: Enter -1 to set the value as Priceless and have that reflected in the item's value that is listed in catalogs.

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Embedding An Audio File

How To Embed Audio Files There may be cases where you would like to embed an audio file into your auction website. You can do this fairly easily using either the HTML-Row element or the HTML column content element.

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Fund-a-Need Set-up

Many auctions hold a Fund-a-Need section where bidders can bid to donate money to either specific projects or to the event more generally. This is handled in Auctria by creating Donation Items

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Button Colors

Button Colors

Set the colors for buttons in the Item Catalog and Donor Catalog using their respective Add Style properties:

  • Button Background
  • Button Background on Hover
  • Button Color
  • Button Color on Hover

more details on button colors

Online Bidding Times

When setting up an Online Auction you will generally also be setting up the Online Bidding Period or default online start and end times for bidding. This primarily affects the Biddable Items in your event.

Screenshot 2021-02-18 153319.png

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Live Streaming on Event Website

Auctria offers Live Streaming Support in two standard methods.

  1. "pop-up" video triggered through a Button element and its Add Behavior Click property; or,
  2. Video element to insert the streaming feed into your auction website on a specific page.

see the screenshots and read the details

Custom Live Streaming (advanced)

Custom Live Streaming (advanced) For Vimeo Livestream feeds, it is a bit more involved as the "feed" is not coming from Vimeo directly and the Video element cannot use the Livestream feed as-is.

  • Embed iFrame With HTML Row Element
  • Required Custom CSS
  • Example: Embed Vimeo Livestream With HTML Row Element

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Social Media Links- updated

You only need to specify the social media platform's user ID (or profile identifier) for each site. You do not need to add the full URL, Auctria will generate the correct URL link automatically using these details.

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Website: Online Bidding Instructions

Website Instructions can be added with a Pre-Built Section

This will insert a number of elements that provide a generic description of how Online Bidding could work for your event. There are general references to Bidder Registration, Proxy Bidding, and the Anti Sniping Rules in effect.

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