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Donor Donations vs Bidder Donations





Donor Donations & Sponsorships

Donor Donations are used for recording donations you receive from Donors in support of an event and these donations are not items you will be including in the auction.

Examples of Donor Donations:

  • cash donations in lieu of donating items or attending the in-person event;
  • sponsorships, often as advertising space in printed or online publications; and,
  • "in-kind" donations, such as goods and/or services provided (catering, printing services, volunteer swag, etc.) by the Donors in return for recognition through the event.

Donor Donations vs Bidder Donations

When dealing with cash donations there is an overlap between recording a Bidder donation or a Donor donation. There is no single right answer to which way a donation should be recorded, although here are some guidelines that may help.

In general, a Donation should be considered a Donor Donation if:

  • the donation is made and paid for prior to the event and it is in lieu of donating an item for the auction to be available for bidding on at or through the event;
  • the Donor is not going to be a Bidder participant at the event;
  • you do not need to track the commitment to the donation separately from the payment,

with a Donor Donation, you simply record the donation when it is actually made.

  • with a Bidder Donation, you need to record both the donation and the payment.
  • it is a donation of goods or services; or, you want to acknowledge the donation on the auction website.


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